living in germany since the early 90s, raphaël marionneau established the chillout movement in hamburg with numerous relaxing events, radio shows and a many compilations. born in nantes in france in the 70‘s, raphaël moved to hamburg in 1993 and worked as graphic designer. he created the event le café abstrait at the mojo club in october 1996 where he has been the resident dj. his event etablished itself as one of the most successful chillout club events in germany. raphaël‘s personal style of music, a mix of ambient, chill-out, electronica, classical lounge and world music, became a name: the french chillout.

in june 2001, raphaël marionneau launched le classique abstrait at mojo club and performed his event concept from 2002 to 2006 at the konzerthaus dortmund. he performes since june 2002 the succesful multimedia space show le voyage abstrait at planetarium hamburg. raphaël marionneau founded in 2002, his own label abstrait music and releases different series of compilations that became a great feedback in germany. since many years, raphaël proposes his own radio show on n-joy, klassikradio, mixcloud and international radios. the past years, he developped some new concepts: le cinéma abstrait or le moment at meßmer momentum in hamburg. the media acclaimed raphaël to be one of hamburg’s most creative personalties. considered as a leading chillout dj and one of the most innovative artists in germany, he is regularly booked for many events and festivals and became an high acclaimed reputation in the international club scene.

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